101 Kids Business Ideas

ObjectiveTo give kids ideas for businesses that they can start up.
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Interested in starting a small business? Take a look at 101 Kids Business Ideas. This document was created by Kris Solie-Johnson and, as the title states, it contains 101 small business ideas for kids to start up.


1. Read through the list of business ideas.

2. Choose one or two that you would be interested in starting.

3. Write a list of materials that you would need in order to start your business.

4. Gather your savings to purchase the materials your need or borrow it from your parents/friends siblings. You may want to see if you can get the materials that you need for free (ask people for donations, borrow equipment instead of money, find ways to save money on the items that you do buy - look for sales/negotiate deals/shop second hand)

5. Decide when and where you are going to run your business.

6. Run your business and make some money!

7. Count how much money you made, pay back your investors (if you have any) and then put your profit in the bank - or you could use it to start another business!


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Mark this activity as complete when you have read through the list of business ideas, chosen one that you would like to create and run your business.

Track your progress and earn badges!

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