Advanced Kids Business

ObjectiveTo give children the opportunity to create their own home business and make their own income; giving them the understanding of promoting, money skills, earning and selling.
Description Teenage Boy Entrepreneur

Use the attached planning sheets to create you own business.


Discover Your Business:

This worksheet helps you use your interests to create a product, service or event which you could build a business around.

Plan Your Business:

This is a straight forward introduction to business planning. Answer the questions to create a solid, but easily understandable business plan.

Start Your Business:

This will help you decide when and where to operate your business and whether or not to hire employees.

Analyze and Improve your business:

This includes a simplified excel income statement and balance sheet. All of the formulas are entered, all you have to do is enter the data you collected while running your business and find out how well the business did from a financial perspective. There are also a few questions for you to answer about your experience and what you could improve for next time.


Complete When

Mark this activity as complete when you have planned, created, run and analyzed a business.

Track your progress and earn badges!

This activity is included in the following:

Attachments 1. Discover Your Business
2. Plan Your Business
3. Start Your Business
4. Analyze and Improve Your Business
4. Balance Sheet
5. Income Statement
Prerequisites Giving Good Customer Service
Basic Kids Business
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Activity Type Business
Tags Logical-Mathematical Intelligence  Creativity  Expenses  Budgeting  Money  Income  Marketing  Interpersonal Intelligence  Liabilities  Customer Service  Counting  Intrapersonal Intelligence  Cash Flow  Assets 
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This is a kid friendly spreadsheet that the kids can use to calculate their expenses, break even point and figure out an appropriate price point for their products or services.

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Here is an article on how to help your child write a business plan.

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Here are some articles for your kids about starting their own business.

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