Banker Talk

ObjectiveTo get teens comfortable with talking to Bank personnel, opening accounts, getting information on options and planning for up coming costs.
Description Teen and Financial Advisor

Banks are an important part of our financial system. You will need to get used to speaking with banking personnel and managing you personal finances.


1. Make an appointment to speak with a financial professional at your bank. Give a general reason for meeting with the adviser (you want information about different bank accounts that they bank has to offer).

2. Write a list of questions that you have for the adviser. Keep the list with you so when you think of something you can write it down. 

3. Write a list of your financial goals (buy a car, buy a condo, attend post secondary), and remember to ask how you can best achieve your goals.

4. Attend your meeting. Be sure to be on time, dress appropriately and be prepared with questions when you attend your meeting.

5. Ask your questions and keep notes. If you do not receive satisfactory answers to your questions then rephrase the question and ask it again. If they are still not able to answer your question then write it down and research it later.

6. Reflect on your meeting. Did it go how you planned? How were you treated in the meeting? Was this someone that you would speak with again about financial matters? Why/Why not? Were all of your questions answered?

7. Research the answers for any remaining or unanswered questions that you have. 

Note: A bank adviser's job is to get people to bank, invest or borrow at their place of work. They may not have your best interests in mind when they are advising you. Listen carefully for things that they are trying to sell you and sign you up for (listen to the sales pitch, but avoid signing up for anything without researching it first).

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Mark this activity as complete when you have had a conversation with at least one financial professional and you financial questions have been answered.

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