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ObjectiveTo teach teenagers how to build and publish a website.
Description Build a website

There are many personal and professional reasons for you to learn how to create your own website. You can use it to showcase your interests and talents, you can use it to market your business, a website could be used as a way for you to connect your customers to your product or you could sell your products or services online and access a larger market than just your own neighborhood.


1. Find or choose a free template or if you know and understand HTML, CSS and/or Javascript you may want to give hand coding your site a try! If you get stuck on how to do something there are tons of forums on the internet about this stuff. You can also discuss it with tech savvy friends or adults.

2. Open your template or a new document in website building software such as Areneae (Free) or using Dreamweaver (not free - you can download a one month free trial though).

3. Edit the site, add in your text, pictures of your product, pictures of you and your staff, your contact information and any other information that would appeal to your audience. Create a menu and separate pages for your website and link the pages together using hyperlinks.

4. Preview your website. You can use your web building software to see what your website will look like in the browser. For PC users - go to file, click preview in browser and that should open your site in what ever browser you use. If you are using Areneae press F4 and if you are using Dreamweaver use press F11 to preview your site.

5. Get a domain name and a hosting plan. You need to come up with a domain name for your website (example: Do a search for Domain Name and Hosting companies. There are free hosting and domain registration companies or you can purchase a domain name and hosting package for as little as $24. Note: just be aware that if you choose a free domain and hosting site you might have advertisements on your page and you may have a very long domain name.

6. Publish your site. Publishing your site to the web is easier than you might think. When you have all of your pages looking the way that you want,  you are ready to publish your site to the web. Log into your hosting page and open up the file manager. Upload all of your pages to your host and then go to your domain to view your published page. When you make updates to your site remember to delete and replace the old files on your hosting site.

7. Once your site is up and running show it off to you friends and family or e-mail a link to all of your customers!

Note: Anytime you are online looking for freeware and open source programs it is important to have really good anti virus software installed and updated on your computer. Protect you equipment and information from malicious code floating around out there on the web!! 

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Prerequisites Learn HTML
Learn JavaScript
Learn CSS
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