Bull or Bear Market

ObjectiveTo help kids understand the difference between a bear and a bull market and to teach them the characteristics of bear and bull markets.
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1.Think about the animals bear and bull. How does a bear usually move? Is a bear usually fast or slow? Is a bear usually aggressive or easy going? How does a bull usually move? Is a bull usually fast or slow? Is a bull aggressive or easy going?

2. Have you heard about bear and bull markets? Talk to your parents or look online and find out what a bear market is like and what a bull market is like. Why do you think that a bear was chosen to represent a slow market? Why do you think a bull was chosen to represent a fast market?

3. Do you think the market today it is a bear or a bull market and why do you think this?

4. Watch the business report on the news and talk about any words that you don't know with your family or friends. Find our what the following terms mean: investor confidence, employment rates, consumer confidence and business profitability. Find out what effect these things have on the market.

Bear or Bull Game:

Play the following game with your friends or family. Decide what the winner will get ahead of time. Possible prizes could include: choosing the movie for movie night, choosing the meal for take out night, or choosing what game you get to play on game night. 

In the summer, you could have a cooler full of water balloons (or a hose), and if you get the answer right you get to throw the balloons at Mom or Dad. In the winter you could use snowballs.

1. Print off the vocabulary and statements sheet.

2. Go over the vocabulary on the vocabulary sheet. Get your parents to explain anything that you don't understand.

3. Print off the Bear and Bull Signs. You will need one bear sign for each player and one bull sign for each player.

4. One person is the "caller" and will read the statements about bear and bull markets from the sheet provided.

5. After each statement have the players raise the sign that represents the type of market the statement describes.

6. Keep score and the person with the most correct answers wins!



Complete When

Mark this activity as complete when you have played the Bears Bulls Game once and you feel like you have a good understanding of what Bear and Bull markets are.

Track your progress and earn badges!

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Attachments 1. Bull vs. Bear Vocabulary and Statements
2. Bull vs. Bear Signs
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This is a Wikipedia article on Market Trends.

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