Cardboard Bank

ObjectiveTo teach kids about banking, where money is stored, withdrawing and depositing.
Description Play Bank Bank

Using dramatic play can help teach kids the ins and outs of banking.


1. Get an old cardboard box and help your children turn it into a teller.

2. Gather some coins (play or real), and a tray/tub (or a play cash register) to keep the money in.

3. Have your kids practice being a banker. They can take deposits, cash checks, give withdrawals, issue loans, create bank cards and tell participants how much money they have in their account. 

4. You may want to play bank with them for the first little while. Model the kinds of activities you would do at the bank, pretend to be the banker and then pretend to be a customer.

5. Allow your children to play on their own.

6. If they have any questions about banks and banking be sure to answer them and help them to understand how banks work and why they are important. 


Complete When

Mark this activity as complete when your children have played bank at least once and can demonstrate a basic understanding of banks and banking.

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This is an article with useful tips for teaching banking to six year olds.

Teaching Banking to Six Year Olds

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