ObjectiveTo build up a child's strategic skills.
Description Chess

Playing chess a great way to enhance your strategic skills.


1. Learn the rules of the game and how each piece moves. (here is a cheat sheet you can use for reference during the first few games)

2. Once you understand the rules of the game start trying to think one move ahead. Play a few practice games with a friend or family member and talk to a him/her while you play. Ask your opponent why they are making certain moves. Get your friend or family member to explain their strategy and talk about how you can defend your pieces and how you could attack them.

3. After a couple of practice games play a game for real.

4. After the "real" game talk about good moves that your opponent made and give suggestions for next time.


There is a computer game called battle chess. In battle chess when an opponent takes the other person's piece the pieces come to life and battle and the losing piece is crushed/blown up - it can be very amusing.


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Mark this activity as complete when you have played chess at least once and you understand the rules and some strategy.

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Reference Reference Note  
Chess Kids Academy Provides a free online chess course to help teach your kids how to play chess.
Wikipedia Find information about the basic rules and objective of chess.

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  1. RT32RT32 says:

    I love playing chess with my kids! It's great in getting them to think strategically- even my younger kids love to watch and pick up the moves... and getting great at it too! 

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