Chore Chart

ObjectiveHave a visual record of chores and the frequency with which they are completed.
Description Chore Chart

Make a chart to visually record your children's completion of chores.


1. With your child create a weekly or monthly chart with the days of the week along the side a list of chores across the top. If you create the chart in the computer then it is easy to print new ones.

2. Place the chart in an easily accessible place (on the fridge, hole punched in a binder on a low counter etc.)

3. When your kids complete a chore they record it on the chart. You could use small stickers that the child picked out or a stamp with sparkly ink etc.

4. Review the charts with your child once a week/month, whatever you decide, and replace the old chart with a new one and start over


You could tie the chore chart in with a reward system. For example, if they complete three of their chores twice a week they get to choose the movie, meal, game, or activity on family night. Or you could use it to distribute allowance.

For older children and teens you could use an agenda book or a day timer ap for them to record their chores and you could review them weekly.

Here is a website which will create a custom chore chart using popular themes and cartoon characters.


Complete When

Mark this activity as complete when your shild has created a chore shart and has been keeping track of his/her chores for one week.

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  1. MiaMia says:

    Chore charts are fantastic! I've used them for several years now and they never fail to create stability and keep responsibility. My kids love choosing their chores and always get excited when they get a star sticker to put on ;)  

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