Circle Story

ObjectiveTo encourage children's ability to think on their feet and be creative.
Description Circle

Show case your creativity by participating in a circle story.


1. Gather a small group of family or friends and sit in a circle.

2. Set the rules for the story. For example, each person says one word or sentence, you may want to disqualify some topics from the story etc.

3. Go around the circle and each person says a word or a sentence to create a story.

4. Continue until the story gets boring or reaches a logical ending and then begin a new story.

5. The story doesn't have to be logical it can be completely goofy, have fun with it!

Note: This game could be modified to play in a car or around a campfire.

Complete When

Mark this activity as complete when you have participated in one circle story.

Track your progress and earn badges!

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  1. RT32RT32 says:

    An alright activity. I tried it with my kids and their friends- I find it more suitable with the 8-10 year age range. The older and younger one's seem to get much too silly and inappropriate. 

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