Clothes Shopping: Name Brand vs Generic

ObjectiveEncourage children to shop smarter by finding similar "must have items" that are generic brands.
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1. Gather some fashion magazines and pick out clothes that you want to own.

2. Write down the brand name and the price of the clothing, if listed. If the prices are not listed, look up the price online or go to the name brand store.

3. Once you have the price for the name brand clothing item in your mind check out a less expensive store in the mall and look for similar items.

4. Write down the generic names and the prices of each similar piece of clothing found.

5. Then compare to generic brand items to the name brand. Think about the advantages and disadvantages to shopping name brand. How important is it that you shop name brand?

Is Shopping Name Brand Important To You?:

- If shopping name brand is important to you then you may want to watch out for sales and buy things at the end of the season because the prices are usually much lower. You could also go to a discounted designer store, like Winners, and see if you can get the name brand item for less.

- If you think that buying name brand is not at all important, check out thrift/consignment stores. You can often find one of a kind items for $5 or less. You can also purchase items and re-purpose them to make them even more unique.

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