Coin Rubbing

ObjectiveTeach or reinforce the concept of different denominations of money
Description Coin Rubbing Coin Rainbow

Coin Rubbing:

Have your kids create drawings using coins and crayons. Be creative and make drawings using different denominations of coins. Have the children "count the worth" of the picture.

Picture ideas include: rainbow, landscape, clouds, trees, happy faces, or snowmen. 


  1. Gather coins & crayons
  2. Create rubbing


To wrap up the activity you could have your children total up the value of the coins in their drawing.


Complete When

Mark this activity as complete when your kids have created 1-3 coin rubbing drawings and are beginning to learn the values of the coins.

Track your progress and earn badges!

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Age Range 4    5    6   
Activity Type Craft
Tags Creativity  Money  Counting  Spatial Intelligence 
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  1. David_GDavid_G says:

    Fun craft for the young ones! Tried it out and it was a hit.

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