Coin Sorter

ObjectiveTo reinforce kids ability to recognize different coin denominations and sort them into piles.
Description Child sorting coins

This simple game will help your kids learn the different denominations of coins and their values.


1. Gather a pile of coins in different values and place them in the middle of the table.

2. Write out several labels with the values of the coins on them and place them in random order around the table.

3. Get your kids ready to play by explaining that they will have two minutes to sort the pile of coins into the correct piles.

4. Set a timer for two minutes and let them sort the coins (if more than one child is playing they can work together to sort the coins).

5. When the time is up survey the results. If the coins are not in the right value pile you can give your kids a little more time to get them into the correct piles.

6. Once they have all the coins separated into the correct values have them tell you the name of the coin in each pile and it's value.

7. You may want to let them choose one pile to keep and help them put the coins into their piggy bank.


Complete When

Mark this activity as complete when you children have played the game through at least once and are confidently identifying different coins and their values.

Track your progress and earn badges!

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Prerequisites Sort The Coins
Solve The Maze
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