Coin Tower Destruction

ObjectiveTo teach children different coin denominations.
Description Coin Tower

In this fun game you will help you children learn the different coin denominations.


1. Gather a large pile of change with several different types of coins.

2. With your kids build a series of coin towers on a table top (six or seven towers 20 coins high would be good - you can make them as elaborate as you would like). Only use 3/4 of the pile of coins to build the towers and make sure you have quite a few different denominations of coins left over. 

3. Then sit with your kids across the table from the coin towers (for very young kids don't sit more than 2' from the towers or the game might me too frustrating for them). Hold up each type of coin and say the name for the coin. Have your kids look at the coin and repeat the name of the coin.

4. Gather the coins back and then explain the game. One at a time you will give your child a coin, they say the name of the coin and how much the coin is worth.  If they get the name and worth right the have the opportunity to shoot the coin at one of the coin towers trying to knock it over (shooting the coin should be sliding the coin across the table top - you will want to demonstrate this for young children).

5. Each tower they knock down gives them a point, the player with the most points when all of the towers are knocked over - wins.

Note: You may want to give a prize to the winner. He/she could keep the coins and put them in his/her piggy bank, or he/she could choose a treat such as a movie to watch, a game to play or and activity they enjoy doing. 


Complete When

Mark this activity as complete when your child can identify the name and worth of different coins with confidence.

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