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ObjectiveTo show kids and teens how to start their own blog.
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If you love to write, blogs are an awesome opportunity to write and share your writing with the public. Writing a blog or adding a blog to an existing website is also a great way for you to connect with your customers with articles that interest them and it will improve your search engine rankings.


1. Brainstorm ideas for your blog. You will need to come up with one consistent theme that you would like to blog about. Some ideas include:

  • An interest or hobby you have
  • Your thoughts and philosophy
  • Your family life and relationships
  • Books you've read, movies you've watched and what you thought about them.
  • Helpful advice
  • your short stories, poetry, an online comic book


If there are many things that you would like to Blog about it would be better to stay consistent and write a separate blog for each topic than it would be to write a blog that is about too many different topics. If your blogs content is too varied you will be less likely to gain and maintain a consistent audience.

2. Decide how often you will blog (once a day, week, month, etc). Remember that it doesn't matter how often you blog, it just matters that you are providing your readers with high quality content to read and that you are consistent. 

3. Choose a free blog platform to work from. There are several to choose from here are links to a couple of them:


4. Set up your blog to look the way that you want it to. There are templates that you can choose from and you can upload your profile picture as well as any other images you would like on your blog. You can choose widgets or plugins for your blog which will give it more interactivity and you can link your blog to your social media sites.

5. Write several blog articles and back log them. The more articles you have back logged the easier it will be for you to stay on top of your blog. This will also allow you a chance to keep publishing blogs even when you need a little break from it.

6. Promote your blog. Send out e-mails to your friends and family and post a link to your blog on all of your social media sites. If no one knows your blog is there - no one will read it!

Note: Remember the internet has a VERY long memory. Anything that you write or post online will be accessible for many years and is almost impossible to completely get rid of. Be very cautious about what you put online, how much personal information you give out and the type of content that you put on the net. You never know how your information will be used or how it will impact you later on. A good rule of thumb is if your Grandma (or any other adult that you like and respect) wouldn't want to see it or know it DON'T put it online.   


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