Create an Invention or Innovation

ObjectiveTo get kids started with the basis of marketing there own innovations or inventions.
Description Kids Business

In this multistage project you will create an invention or innovation as well as the tools you will need to market and sell your creation. 


1. Create an inventors log to keep track of your ideas/developments. You can use a blank page journal, sketch pad, file on your computer or scrap bits of paper that you keep in a folder. Use your Inventors Log to:

  • Write down any new ideas you have.
  • Draw plans for your inventions/innovations.
  • Write down things that you or your friends "wish existed".
  • Write down things that you hear your adults complain about (example: "I wish there was something that would make shoveling snow easier!")
  • Brainstorm creative ways to solve common problems.


2. Build your inventions or implement your innovations. Take a look through your inventors log and highlight any ideas that you really like, that would be easy to do/cheap to make and that you have or can get the materials to do or make. Build your invention and show your friends or family what you have created.

3. Think about how much you should sell your product for. Think about how much it costs to make your product and how long it takes you to make each one then price your product accordingly.

4. Think about who will  buy your product. Are your customers old or young? Where do they live? Where do many of your potential customers gather? What do your potential customers have in common? Do they have extra money to buy your product?

5. Connect your customers to your product. Half the battle of successfully selling your product is letting your customers know it exists. Do any or all of the following activities to market your product:

  • Create a SWOT Analysis
  • Create a Slogan
  • Create a Brochure
  • Create a Magazine Ad
  • Create an E-mail Campaign
  • Create a Website

4. Choose a day and place to sell your product. Make as much of your product as you can before your sale day, then go out and sell, sell, sell!

5. Once you have finished your sale day, total up how much money your made and subtract the amount of money that it cost you to make your product. Answer the following for your self:

  • Did you make a profit?
  • How could you improve your sales for next time?
  • How could you let more people know about your product and where they can get it?
  • Do you think your pricing was appropriate or would you like to change your prices for next time?



Complete When

Mark this activity as complete when you have thought up, made, marketed and tried to sell one of your inventions or innovations.

Track your progress and earn badges!

This activity is included in the following:

Prerequisites Giving Good Customer Service
Inventors Log or Journal
Create a Brochure
Create a Slogan
SWOT Analysis
Creating a Sales Pitch
Create a Magazine Ad
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This article is about teaching creative thinking and innovation.

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