Creating a Sales Pitch

ObjectiveTo familiarize kids with marketing and sales.
Description Sales Pitch

Create a sales pitch so that you can drum up interest in your business, innovation or invention.


1. Answer the following for yourself or discuss it with friends or family.

  • What is a sales pitch?
  • What happens during a good sales pitch?
  • What could make your sales pitch effective?
  • What could make your sales pitch ineffective or annoying?

2. Create an outline of your pitch. This should include an opening/introduction to the product, an explanation of what the product will do for the customers and additional information like pricing and where it can be purchased.

3. Come up with a creative hook to get the audience interested and engaged. Potential hooks could include a joke, an infomercial style skit, bringing someone out to model the product etc.

4. Put your presentation together either on chart paper or in PowerPoint.

5. Present your sales pitch to friends, family or potential investors!

Wrap up Activity:

As a wrap up activity you could watch an episode of Dragon's Den or Shark Tank and discuss what made the sales pitches effective or what made them ineffective.


Complete When

Mark this activity as complete when you have created and presented at least one sales pitch.

Track your progress and earn badges!

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  1. AshleyAshley says:

    Educators: this is a great activity for grades 5-7! I might add in a twist to make it a bit challenging for the 8's and 9's, such as having to create the product their pitching and also having the other teachers as a panel of judges. I would even add in a reward for the winners, to spike up competition. 

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