Creative Children

ObjectiveTeaching children to think creatively
Description Creative Child

Complete any or all of the following and encourage kid's creativity!

  1. Use 'What if...?' questions. Allow your child to think outside of the box by questioning what would happen if an event happened or didn't happen. For example, ask your child "What would happen if the lion escaped from the zoo?" and encourage your child to come up with a creative answer. This could be a really fun car game if everyone makes sillier suggests about what would happen. 
  2. Use creative play. Provide children with the materials, but let them create the game/activity. 
  3. Use a circle story concept. 
  4. Use role playing games. 


Read the article 'Stimulating Your Child's Creativity' for more ideas for developing creative thinking in children. 


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Brainy Child Here is an article with tips on how to help your child think more creatively.

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