Ed's Bank Game

ObjectiveTeach the different denominations of US coins and learning about saving and spending money.
Description Ed's Bank

In this online game, players have sixty seconds to drag coins from the top of the screen into Ed's piggy bank. After the sixty seconds is over, the players will then choose whether they would like to save more or go to the store.


1. With your child navigate to the Practical Money Skills website and click on Ed's Bank Game.

2. Have you child play the game. He/she will use the mouse to click and drag coins into the piggy bank. When the time is up he/she can choose to save more or go to the store.

3. If he/she chooses to save more money the game with begin again and he/she can continue to put money in the piggy bank.

4. If he/she chooses to go to the store, there are several items with price tags that your child can purchase if he/she has enough money.

5. The game ends when your child becomes tired of it or when he/she has purchased everything in the store.

Note: This game uses US currency.


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