Exploring Money Around the World

ObjectiveTo introduce children to different world currencies and exchange rates.
Description New Zealand Money World Money


1. Look through the family change jar and pull out any coins or bills from other countries. Ask friends and family if they have money leftover from trips that they have taken and then ask them if you can borrow the money. You could also look for pictures of different types of money online.

2. Once you have a few different types of money take a look at them. How are they similar? How are they different? Look online or ask around and find out what each type of money is called.  

3. Find a currency converter online. Find out how many coins it takes in a currency to make one dollar in your money or find out how many coins of your money it takes to make one dollar in another currency.

4. Test your knowledge of other currencies and take this fun quiz!

If you borrowed money from people, remember to return it.

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