First Income Stream

ObjectiveTo teach children that collecting change is an easy way for them to make a little extra money.
Description Coins


1. Model this by picking up coins that you find around the house, in the car or in the street. Explain that finding and gathering loose change is a great way to make a little extra money. Have your child stay on the look out for loose change.

2. When they have coins that they have found get them to put the money into their piggy bank or into a container specifically for their coins (peanut butter jar, yogurt container, Tupperware container or a bowl would work well. Get them to write their names on it or decorate it if they want).

3. When they have quite a few coins help your children to roll them.

4. Take your children and the rolled coins to the bank and turn them in for dollar bills or deposit the money in their bank account.

5. If they do not have a bank account then you can take the money home and put it in their savings jar, or add the money to their Bankaroo account.



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