Follow The Leader

ObjectiveTo build children's confidence with being in a leadership role.
Description Leader

Have your children play follow the leader. It is a simple fun and engaging way to increase your kids' confidence level with being in a leadership role.

The Game:

1. The game is played by putting the participants in a line, the first person in line is the leader.

2. The leader runs, jumps, skips, makes airplane noises etc. The rest of the participants have to do the exact same actions.

3. Set a timer or play some music and when the timer goes off or you stop the music, the person in front goes to the back and the next person becomes the leader.

4. Play until all of the participants have had a turn to be the leader.


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Tags Leadership  Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence  Interpersonal Intelligence 
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Questions or Comments

  1. MiaMia says:

    Great for the kids who love to 'follow' rather than lead, but for those that have a natural leading personality... it can get ugly and ensue a lot of arguments! Without giving too many suggestions to the kids, I would try to make it more creative so the kids stay interested longer (2 minutes is the max for mine!)

  2. AshleyAshley says:

    It's much easier to keep children occupied for this activity if there are more children participating. As well, I would try adding in pylons (or something of the sort) so kids can generate more ideas, such as hopping over or weaving around. 

  3. CindyCindy says:

    It might be a good idea to give the kids some suggestions on movements they could make or you could be the leader for the first round and demonstrate things that they could do. Some suggestions include:

    • hopping on both feet or one foot
    • walking like a bird (or pretending to fly like one)
    • skipping
    • weaving in and out of obstacles
    • army crawling
    • spinning
    • dancing

    There will only be a limited amount of time that they will be able to do this for and still have fun with it - so make sure you have a back up activity.

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