Game of Life

ObjectiveTo help kids and teens learn how to make positive life decisions and understand the possible outcomes of the decisions that they make.
Description Game of Life

The Game of Life lets you make career, family and financial decisions in a fun and interesting board game.


1. Purchase or borrow the Game of Life. You can find this game at gaming stores, toy stores, online and frequently in garage sales. 

2. Gather a couple of friends or family members and play the game.

3. Take note of how the decisions that you make in the beginning of the game impact your success at the end of the game. For example if you chose not to go to University how did the lower salary impact your retirement? Discuss with your friends or family whether you think this is true to real life or not. 

4. Take note of some of the financial principles in the game. How did the financial decisions you make during the game impact your retirement. Do you think this is true to real life? Discuss with your friends or family.






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Hasbro The Game of Life

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  1. MarkMark says:

    Great for games night! Much more enjoyable by my older youth group though. The younger one's love the 'Rockstar' Edition and it still provides learning with money. 

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