Goal Setting

ObjectiveTo teach children to set goals and work towards them.
Description Goals

Create and write down some long and short term goals and then create a plan to achieve your goals.


1. Answer the following for yourself:

  • What are goals?
  • Do you think that having goals is important? Why or why not?
  • How could setting goals be useful for you and your future?


2. Think about someone who you admire that is five years older than you are. Think about why you admire that person. i.e. they're good at sports/martial arts/dance etc, they're good in school, they are popular, they are confident, they are good leaders, they are kind, they are cool etc.

3. Think about how that person got that way. You may want to ask the person you look up to how they achieved a certain thing. ex. "You are really good at hockey! How did you get so good?". 

4. With this discussion in mind identify a long and a short term goal and write it down.

5. Write down what you will need in order to achieve your goals. For example, to get your level one in gymnastics you will need to be able to do the splits both ways and be able to do a bridge etc.

6. Write down a plan as to how you will acquire the necessary skills or resources to accomplish your goals. Example, you will practice the splits for 30 seconds every day. 

7. Create a chart or some way to track your progress and your success.

Here are some goal setting worksheet which will help you to plan your goals.




Complete When

Mark this activity as complete when you have written down at least one short term and one long term goal and created a plan to achieve it and a chart to track your success.

Track your progress and earn badges!

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Here are two articles which woul dbe useful for teaching goal setting "how to Teach Goal Setting to Kids" and "Goal Setting for Kids".

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