Good vs. Bad Customer Service

ObjectiveTo teach kids how effective customer service can be.
Description Customer Service Survey


1. First, think about what it takes to provide good customer service is. Remember a time where you received great customer service. What did you like about the service? Did it make you feel more loyal to the store? Did the good customer service make you buy more or more often? Remember a time you received bad customer service. How did the poor service make you feel? How did it impact your spending at the store or restaurant? Do you think you would return to the place where you received bad service?

2. Talk with your friends or family about what they think makes a customer service experience positive or negative.

3. After your discussion the next time you are in the mall, grocery store, or hardware store pay attention to the quality of service that you receive.

4. Once you leave the mall/store think about your experiences. How did the quality of service affect your attitude towards the store, the brand and/or the product?

5. If you are planning on venturing into entrepreneurship you may consider how providing good customer service can increase brand loyalty, sales, and repeat business. 


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