Goods and Services Alphabet

ObjectiveTo teach children the difference between a good and a service.
Description Goods and services

Have your child create a picture alphabet using goods and services.


1. Get several pieces of blank paper and some crayons or markers.

2. Explain the difference between goods and services and give your child examples of each. Then check their understanding by saying a few items or services and asking if it is a good or a service. 

3. On the first piece of paper write a big letter 'A' and a small letter 'a'. Write down a good or a service that starts with the letter 'a'. Say the letter out loud to your child and then say the word you wrote. Ask your child if this is a good or a service. Write down the answer and then have your child draw and color the item on the page. Once the letter is complete hang it up in the child's room or on the fridge.

4. Repeat for each letter of the Alphabet, get your child to try and come up with goods and services that start with the rest of the letters.

5. This could get a little tedious - so you may want to only do two or three letters in a sitting. If your child is getting bored, stop and pick it up again later.


Complete When

Mark this activity as complete when your child has created and displayed his/her goods and services alphabet.

Track your progress and earn badges!

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Financial Fitness For Life: Parent Guide This activity was adapted from an activity on page 20 of the Financial Fitness For Life , Parent Guide K-2. This is a free PDF download and it contains information, activities, and books which can help you teach your children about personal finance.

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