Host an Event

ObjectiveTo teach kids how to plan, market and coordinate an event.
Description Event Planning

Plan an event which appeals to your individual interests. For example, you could plan a neighborhood skateboard competition, a play, a hockey tournament, a talent show, a rock concert, a martial arts demonstration, or a dance recital. Work with a few other people to plan the event, market it, sell tickets and coordinate it.


1. Start by planning you event. Figure out and write down your answers to the following:

  • What materials will you need? Can you borrow any of the things you need? How much will it cost to buy the things you need? If you are planning a large event remember to think about getting garbage cans and potentially porta potties (if your venue doesn't have washrooms).
  • Will you need a venue (location)? What are some possible venues? How much will they cost? Would you be able to get a discount from someone you know? Are there any venues available that you could get for free?
  • How will you raise money to host your event? If you are borrowing the money make sure that you figure out how you are going to make enough money to pay your investors back.
  • How much should the tickets be? Are there other ways that you could make the event make you money? Will you offer concession or souvenirs?
  • How will you generate interest in the event? Will you start an e-mail campaign, create and hand out flyers, create a website, invite friends on Facebook, and/or buy advertising for your event?
  • How will your event progress? Organize the schedule of the event and create programs.

2. Organize a team of two or three friends and delegate roles/tasks to team members. Remember to take into account each persons individual talents when you are deciding who is doing what.

3. Get together with your team on a regular basis to talk about progress on the project and to solve any problems that arise.

4. Host your event!

5. Once the event has been completed think about how it went. What was successful? What would you do differently next time? Were they any unexpected issues? How could you make the event more profitable next time (concession stand, merchandise etc.)? If you made a profit consider investing some or all of the proceeds into your next event or business.


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Mark this activity as complete when you have planned, organized and hosted your event.

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