Is Your Price Right?

ObjectiveShow children that budgeting is important as sometimes prices can be more, or less, than expected.
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This worksheet gives images of house-hold items, it's up to you to first guess and then research the price for the items displayed.


1. Navigate to the "Is Your Price Right" worksheet. Print the sheet.

2. Write down your estimated price for each item listed. 

3. Then go online or to the store and write down the real price for the items.

4. Answer the following?

  • Was anything more expensive than you thought?
  • Was anything less expensive than you thought?
  • Were there any events that would have changed the price of the items listed (where their sales, clearance, coupons, was it cheaper in one location than in another? etc.)


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Mark this activity as complete when you have completed the worksheet and answered the questions.

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BMO SmartSteps for Parents

This is a worksheet for kids where they estimate the cost for an item and then research their actual cost.

Is Your Price Right?

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