Make a Story Book

ObjectiveTo familiarize children with Microsoft Word.
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Have your kids make one of their stories into a book using Microsoft Word.


1. Get a story that your child has written.

2. Help your kids set up a word document the way they would like their book to look. Ask them if they would like the book to be landscape or portrait? If they would like each page to be big or small (you could turn the book landscape and divide the page into two)? 

3. Take a look at a book and talk about the features that book has. For example, cover, title page, pictures, the writing is in different pages, there is a picture of the author, there is a brief description of the book on the back cover etc. Ask your Kids what they would like to include in their book and help them set it up.

4. Have your child type their story into the computer.

5. Have them insert clip art into the book or scan some of their pictures and get them to insert the pictures into the pages.

6. Print the book and put it together. Either staple it together or have it bound at a print shop. Print shops will coil bind the book for about $3. It makes the pages easy to turn and it will give the book a more finished look.


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Mark this activity as complete when your child has created one story book.

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