Making a Blanket From a Sweater

ObjectiveTo teach kids to reuse materials to create unique and useful items.
Description Sweater Blanket Sewing Machine

By reusing common materials, you can save money and stay on budget. You will also create something new and uniquely yours. Rather than spending money on a blanket, use old materials, such as old sweat shirts, to create a this cool sweater blanket.

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Mark this activity as complete when you have made a sweater blanket or you have re-purposed an article of clothing, piece of furniture or another item to create something new, useful and unique.

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Tags Budgeting  Re-use  Spatial Intelligence  Wants vs Needs 
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This blog posting gives you step by step instructions on how to make a blanket out of a sweater.

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Frugal Living

This posting from gives you step by step instructions on how to make a blanket from a sweater.

Frugal Living Sweater Blanket

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