Making a Movie

ObjectiveTo increase kids' public speaking ability, confidence and creativity through dramatic play.
Description movie

Write or find a script then film it and create a home movie, podcast or youtube video.


1. Create a script outline and then write your script. You may also want to create a story board. Here are some pdf templates for script outlines, story boards, movie plans etc. 

2. Organize a movie crew and delegate roles:

  1. Director
  2. Filmer 
  3. Set/Costume Designer/Makeup Artist
  4. Narrator
  5. Actor(s)

 Make sure each crew person is aware of their role and what they need to do! 

3. Assign roles and give out the scripts.

4. Give yourselves time to review and memorize the script.

5. Organize all of the equipment, sets/locations, props, costumes, and makeup that you will need to Film your movie. You will need a video camera and some very good ideas for where you are going to shoot your movie. When you are filming remember to tape scenes a couple of times from different angles this will give you the opportunity to change between shots during dialogue.

6. Edit your movie, add credits, title screen and a theme song.

7. Once your movie is finished hook it up to a TV or projector gather family and friends and have a formal screening. You could even publish your video to youtube or make it into a regular podcast!

Note: You may want to consider selling tickets or snacks at your video screening and make a little money. You could even make your showing into an event, see "Host an Event" for more ideas.


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Mark this activity as complete when you have created and presented your movie.

Track your progress and earn badges!

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Prerequisites Create a Plot Outline
Brainstorming Ideas: Level 2
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