Making Your Own Checks

ObjectiveTo get kids familiar with checks and the idea around them.
Description Play Check

Get your children to make their own play checks so they can play bank or use them to make withdrawals from their savings.


1. Show your children a real check for reference. Ask them what they know about checks and ask them if they know what checks do and how they work. Explain anything that your kids don't understand.

2. Give them a ruler, paper, pencils, pens and felt markers or crayons and have them create their own checks. Alternatively you could have them use these templates - just print them out and let your kids color them.

3. Once your kids have created several checks staple them together to make a check book.

4. Show your kids how to fill out the checks.

5. Have your children use their pretend checks to make withdrawals from their saved up allowance or to play bank.


Complete When

Mark this activity as complete when your children have created their own checks and demonstrate understanding of how checks work.

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DLTK Kids: Growing Together Kids' Bank Pretend Cheques

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