Making Your Own Money

ObjectiveTo help teach kids where money comes from.
Description Making Money

Have your children design and create their own money.

  1. On a piece of scrap paper, create a rectangular outline representing a dollar bill.
  2. Have your children:
  • Color the bill
  • Specify the denomination of the bill
  • Place their own or someone else's face on the dollar bill
  • Create their own signatures


Alternately you could help your child create his/her own play money on the computer. Here is a play money generator where your child could put his/her face on a bill and then print it out.

Children could use their personalized play money to play bank or they could even use it in place of the play money in board games. 


You may want to wrap up this craft with a discussion about money. Ask your children any of the following questions to start a conversation about money.

1. What do you know about money?

2. What is the difference between real money and play money?

3. Where does real money come from?

4. What happens when you spend your money?

5. How can you earn money?


Complete When

Mark this activity as complete when your child has created his/her own currancy and you have had a brief discussion with him/her about money.

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