Match It

ObjectiveIdentifing different coin denominations and matching words for different coins/objects to their picture.
Description Match It

The Learning Money With Leo App for iPad offers several fun interactive money games. In "Match It" there are two columns one with words and one with pictures, the object of the game is to match the word to the correct picture.


1. Download the Learning Money With Leo App onto your iPad (This App is FREE and can be found in the Canadian itunes store).

2. Set up an account for each child.

3. Let your child log in (they press on the paw print with their name under it).

4. Get your child to play the game "Match It".

5. Reinforce the different coin denominations by showing them a coin then asking them to write the name for the coin. Do this for five coins, then check their list. You may want to let them keep the coins that they identified correctly.

Printable Version:

Here is a printable version of "Match It". You simply print the pdf then the kids can match the word to the correct picture. The printable version is blank so your child could color it before he/she plays the game. 

Note: This App is only available in Canadian currency.

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