Mock Stock Portfolio

ObjectiveTo give kids a basic understanding of stocks and virtual investing.
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Find out what stock and the stock market are, then create a mock stock portfolio.


1. Read a little about stocks and the stock market and ask your friends or family what they know about stocks or the stock market. Try one or two of the following articles and watch the cartoon on "How the Stock Market Works":


2. Get some file folders, labels, pens/felt marker, scrap paper, a calculator, and a news paper. 

3. Work with friends or family in order to create an investors group. Create a Fun name for your investors group ie. Monkey Math Investors Group. You could print/color labels and stick them to the front of your folders. 

4. With your investors group choose 5-10 stocks each to include in your folder or portfolio. You can pick stocks at random. You could choose things you like or products you buy yourself or you could pin a newspaper to your dart board or bulletin board and throw darts to choose the stocks. You can also take a look at how individual stocks are doing and choose the ones you think will do the best.

  • Watch this video to find out how to read the stock tables in newspapers.

5. Set a buget for each member of the group and buy an imaginary number of shares in each of the stocks in your portfolio. Record which stocks you have and then number of shares you have in your folder.

6. As an investors group or on your own follow and research your stocks. Track and record information as often as possible and have "Investment Meetings" with your group once a month. Talk about how each of your stocks is doing, whether your portfolio is showing a profit, decide if you should "sell" stocks that are not performing and total the profits for your group.



Complete When

Mark this activity as complete when you have created an investors group, chosen stocks, researched and followed a few stocks and have a good understanding of how stocks and the stock market work.

Track your progress and earn badges!

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Fundamental Analysis
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