Money Metropolis Game

ObjectiveTo teach children how to save for a goal.
Description Money Metropolis

In this online game, players learn how to save money for an item that they want.


1. Go to the money metropolis game on the practical money skills website.

2. Click on the game to start and set up your character by choosing skin, hair and outfit color.

3. Click next and then choose a savings goal. There are several fun items to choose from, make sure you scroll through to see all of them!

4. Click next and enter the game board.

5. Move your mouse over different buildings to see what they are. Some buildings are places where you can make money and others are places where you can spend money.

6. Make money by doing chores like babysitting, mowing lawns, arranging books or pumping gas.

7. You may want to make purchases that will help you to make more money - for example buying a rake will help you to rake yards.

8. As soon as you make enough money to purchase your dream item - you win!



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Mark this activity as complete when you have played the game and achieved at least one saving goal.

Track your progress and earn badges!

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