Monopoly Jr.

ObjectiveBeginning to teach children strategy and help them understand income, expense, how to follow instructions and how to take advantage of economic opportunities.
Description Monopoly Jr

In this game players move their pieces around the amusement park paying to place their ticket booths' on amusements, paying for tickets to purchase amusements, collecting rent and collecting money when they pass go. This is also a great game to teach children how to read, listen to and follow directions. 


1. Read the instructions to yourself first then set up the Monopoly Jr. game board.

2. Seat your children around the game board and explain the game to them. You may want to play a practice round with your children to help them better understand how to play.

3. Play the game. You may want to let one of your children be the banker as this will give them the opportunity to practice subtraction and making change. 


Here are some tips to help you reinforce the basic math skills, strategy and money skills that are part of this board game.

1. Counting and Basic Math: When your child rolls the dice count the number of places they should move out loud. Also, when your child is the banker you can help him/her to make change by getting them to subtract (mentally or on a piece of paper) the cost of the amusement from the bill that they are handed by the purchaser.

2. Strategy: players occasionally have the opportunity to move a ticket booth of another player and place one of their ticket booths in its place. Suggest to your children that they may want to replace the ticket booth of a player who is doing very well in the game. Teach them to see how much money another player has and how many amusements they own and to make a decision to replace the piece of the player who is doing the best.

3. Money Skills: Identify that purchasing an amusement is an expense and collecting rent, collecting money when they pass go or other occasions is an income. Talk about why the expense of buying an amusement is worthwhile - because it creates income - and why spending money to visit an amusement has very little value.

The Monopoly Jr. is ideal for children ages 5-8 and up. For more information see the following Monopoly Jr.


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