Movie in a Field

ObjectiveTo encourage kid's entrepreneurial skills and to help them create an income.
Description Outdoor movie business

A great event for a warm summer night would be to provide an outdoor movie experience. This is also a wonderful opportunity for to develop your entrepreneurial skills and make a little money.


1. You will need a projector, a screen (if there is a large building or structure at the location - you can simply put up a white bed sheet.), laptop, a DVD, and they will need a table to put the projector on. You may also want to set up a small concession stand - you could provide pop, coffee, candy bars, hotdogs and popcorn.

2. Decide on pricing for the event, you may want to ask a few people what they think a good ticket price will be. How much will admission be? How much do you have to charge for each candy bar, bag of popcorn, or coffee to make a profit?

3. Determine how much the event will cost to organize and borrow the money you need or take the money out of your savings (remember this is an investment, you are taking the money out temporarily in the hopes that your movie wil make you a profit). You may also want to calculate your breakeven point.

4. Promote your event by creating and handing out flyers, and by sending e-mail notifications to your friends and family. Make sure that people RSVP so that you have an idea as to how many people will be coming to the movie.

5. Set up your outdoor movie, ticket taking and concession stand. You will also want to create appropriate signs so that people know where to go.

6. When all the guests have arrived - start the movie.

7. After the event remember to clean up, return anything that you borrowed and to pay your investors.


You could create your own film festival. You and your friends could create your own films and plan a neighborhood screening.

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All Terrain Brain Here is an interactive business builder spreadsheet. Your kids could use it to establish how much the event will cost and what their breakeven point would be. This article is about different summer businesses your children could start during summer vacation.

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