Obstacle Course

ObjectiveTo encourage a child's creativity and leadership abilities.
Description obstacle course

Have you child create an obstacle course for a group of their friends. Encourage them to be creative when making their obstacles. For example, they could:

  • put make up on a friend blindfolded
  • eat something off a plate with their hands tied behind their back
  • dig for a coin in a plate of jello
  • whatever they can dream up.


Have them organize the event and prepare all the necessary materials for their obstacle course. It will be fun and memorable for all involved and your child will get to flex his/her creative muscles while learning how to organize and manage an event.



Complete When

Mark this activity as complete when your child has created and participated in one obstacle course.

Track your progress and earn badges!

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Age Range 6    7    8    9   
Activity Type Project
Tags Leadership  Creativity  Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence  Interpersonal Intelligence 
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  1. AshleyAshley says:

    As an educator, I find obstacle courses are the best for all children and young adults/adults. They can be modified for all ages and abilities, the children and individuals love organizing their own, it's great for leadership and gets them thinking, and it's an activity that can be used at any place, at any time. 

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