Penny Boat

ObjectiveTo teach kids how to be innovative.
Description Penny Boat

Have your child create a craft ship out of house-hold materials that will hold 50 Pennies without sinking. 


1. Gather some paper, tin foil, a plastic bottle, milk carton, tape, glue and at least 50 pennies.

2. Give the materials to your kids and ask them to construct a boat using the materials. Their boat my not only float but it should also be able to hold at least 50 pennies.

3. Once they have created their boat fill the sink with water or fill a bucket with water.

4. Get them to float their boat on the water and to add in the pennies one at a time.

5. If it doesn't work encourage your child to try it again until they get a boat that floats and can carry it's cargo.

6. If the boat works well, try adding more weight and see how much the boat can hold before it sinks.


Complete When

Mark this activity as complete when your child has created a boat that floats and can carry at least 50 pennies.

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  1. David_GDavid_G says:

    Absolutely loves this idea! It had all four of my kids (6, 9, 12, and 14), as well as their friends, all thinking. Kept them occupied for hours and testing out all of their suggestions. My youngest enjoyed it, but only for a short period of time. I also had them try out the different coins- 100 pennies = 1 Loonie, $5.00= 200 pennies, 5 dimes, 1 toonie, and 10 nickels OR 3 Loonies and 1 toonie, etc. They had to alter their innovation with each choice in coins, and it helped the younger ones with counting. Definitely a must-try for all children!

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