Plan Your Time

ObjectiveTo teach/help kids to manage their time.
Description Calandar

Kids can create or use a schedule, calendar, or day planner in order to keep track of their school work, holidays, extra-curricular activities etc.

School aged children are usually given an agenda book and you can help them to see it as a useful tool if you review it with them on a regular basis. Another idea could be to obtain a desk calendar for each child and having them record what activities they will do when.


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Mark this activity as complete when your child has created a calendar and is using it to keep track of chores, homework and activities.

Track your progress and earn badges!

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Age Range 7    8    9   
Activity Type Routine
Tags Logical-Mathematical Intelligence  Intrapersonal Intelligence  Time Management 
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Reference Reference Note  
Taming Time Here is an article about teaching your children time management. There are also a few useful links at the bottom with tips from other parents, time management systems and advice on how to get your child to avoid procrastination.
Activity Village Here is an article about how to teach your children time management .
Better Homes and Gardens This article is about how to make time management more appealing to kids.

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