Pursuit of Happyness

ObjectiveTo teach children to go after their dreams, work hard, to press on in-spite of obstacles and to stand out.
Description Pursuit of Happyness

The Pursuit of Happyness is a rags to riches story based on the true life account of Chris Gardner's rise from homelessness to powerful stock broker. The movie starts with Chris Gardner making a bad investment, losing everything and winding up homeless and on the street with his young son. He fights his way into an unpaid stock broker internship which has only one job opportunity at the end of it.

Disadvantaged by his limited work hours, and knowing that maximizing his client contacts and profits is the only way to earn the one paid position that he and his 19 competitors are fighting for, Chris develops a number of ways to make phone sales calls more efficiently. He also reaches out to potential high value customers, defying protocol.

This is an inspiring story about perseverance, hard work and ingenuity. It shows how if a person is willing to work hard and creatively problem solve a he/she will ultimately stand out and achieve life goals. 


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Tags Creativity  Problem Solving  Ingenuity   Intrapersonal Intelligence  Linguistic Intelligence 
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