Research Your Financial Goals

ObjectiveTo shoe teens how to fully research three of their financial goals.
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You are starting to have some big financial goals. One important step to achieving your financial goals is learning how to fully research your goals so that you have a good idea of all of the costs involved with your goal. Use this worksheet to research your top three financial goals.


1. Go to the attachments section of this activity. Download and print "research your goals".

2. Decide your top three financial goals and fill out the worksheet. Use the internet, consumer reviews, and magazines to conduct your research.

3. Show your worksheet to a friend or family member and ask if there is anything that you have forgotten or if there is anything that you should consider that you haven't so far.

4. File your research away for future reference.


Complete When

This activity is complete when you have completed the worksheets for researching your goals and you have discussed your findings with a friend or family member.

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