Rich Kid Smart Kid

ObjectiveTo teach kids valuable financial lessons that are not taught in schools.
Description Rich Kid Smart Kid


This book by Rich Dad, Poor Dad's Robert T. Kiyosaki helps you learn valuable financial lessons which are not taught in schools. It will help you to develop your financial intelligence and creativity with the goal of becoming a well rounded and confident individual.

There is also Rich Dad Poor Dad for teens, which you could read on your own or work through with a friend or family member. This book contains the same lessons on financial intelligence but it is tailor made for teenagers. 

Get the Book:

Here is a link to Rich Kid Smart Kid on Amazon. And here is Rich Dad Poor Dad for teens on Amazon. 

Additional Materials:

There is a Rich Kid Smart Kid website. The site has games that kids aged 6-18 can play which teach some of the same lessons in a fun and interactive way. There are also printable guides in the "grown ups" area, which go with each game. The guides are intended for classroom use, but they could easily be adapted for home use.



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Mark this activity as complete when you have read enough of the book to understand its main ideas and principles. You may want to discuss the book with your friends or family members.

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