Risk Taking

ObjectiveTo encourage kids to try new things and take acceptable risks.
Description Risk

"All meaningful learning takes place through the analysis of error".

                                                                                                            -(Dr. Steve Hughes)


On a regular basis encourage your children to try new things and take on new challenges. Some ideas for these new things or challenges could include:

  • trying a new sport or activity (tryout for a team).
  • trying a new food
  • public speaking /acting in a play
  • talking to their teacher to get clarification on an assignment. 
  • try out for band or choir 
  • start a business


The idea being to push kids slightly our of  their comfort zone. After they have completed the new experience ask your kids if they enjoyed what they did or if they were successful. If they say yes, get them to explain what they liked about it. If they say no or it was OK get them to explain what they didn't like or what they would do differently.

When you notice that your child is particularly reluctant to engage in a new activity get them to think about why they don't want to do something. Possible reasons could include:

  • being embarrassed
  • judgement from other people
  • they won't be good at it
  • they don't want to fail and so on. 

Help them to see that it is OK to be afraid to do something, and that courage is when you do something in spite of your fear. Maybe talk about a time when you failed at something that you are good at now, explain how you worked through it and talk about how glad you are that you took the risk.

Reward the trying, celebrate the success and help them to see the positive in failing.


Complete When

Mark this activity as complete when your child has tried at least one new thing.

Track your progress and earn badges!

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