Simple Kids Business

ObjectiveTo introduce young children to starting their own business.
Description Wonder Shop

Encourage your child to use items they find at home and set up a store where they can sell their products to friends and family.


1. Ask your child what he/she might like to sell. Here are some ideas if you are stuck:

  • They could go to the pantry and grab some cookies to sell or you could make cookies together and sell those.
  • They could sell their crafts or artwork.
  • They could sell toys that they don't want anymore.


2. Get them to set up a table in the living room or make a cardboard store together. Get a toy cash register, decorate the store etc.

3. Get them to create prices for their merchandise. You can use real money or play money but make sure that you decide before they open their store.

4. Have them create signs for their store.

5. Get them to sell their merchandise at home for a little while (20 mins - 1 hour). You could ask a friend or two to drop by to buy something or you could dress up as different people and pretend to be different customers. You could also take turns being the customer and being the merchant. 

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Mark this activity as complete when your child has started one simple business.

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