Sort The Coins

ObjectiveLearn to recognize different coin denominations and sort them into the appropriate bank.
Description Sort The Coins

The Learning Money With Leo App for iPad offers several fun interactive money games. In "Sort the Coins" children are given a pile of different coins that they need to sort into the correct piggy bank.


1. Download the Learning Money With Leo App onto your iPad (This App is FREE and can be found in the Canadian itunes store).

2. Set up an account for each child.

3. Let your child log in (they press on the paw print with their name under it).

4. Get your child to play the game "Sort The Coins".

Printable Version:

Here is a printable version of "Sort the Coins". You simply print the pdf, gather a bunch of coins in different denominations and then your child sorts the coins into the right piggy banks. The printable version is blank so your child could color it before he/she plays the game. 

Note: This App uses Canadian currency.

Complete When

Mark this activity as complete when your child can accurately sort coins and identify the value of each coin.

Track your progress and earn badges!

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