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ObjectiveTo teach children how to be money smart; how to budget, save and spend and still be financially successful.
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Have your kids create a spending tracker. The children will be responsible for filling it out and updating it whenever they make money or spend it.


1. Have your kids create a table full of rows and columns, you could show them how to do this on the computer and then you can print or photocopy more as needed. 

2. When they make a deposit or a withdrawal they record the date, give a description of the transaction and the amount that they have added in or taken out.

3. Have them add or subtract from their total and record the new total.

Note: If possible, teach your kids how to set this up on a spreadsheet or teach them how to use Quicken.

Complete When

Mark this activity as complete when you have a spending tracker set up, have a solid understanding of how it works and are able to update it yourself.

Track your progress and earn badges!

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Millionaire Kids

This is a budgeting worksheet that you can print off and use with your kids to track their spending.

Budgeting Worksheet

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  1. AshleyAshley says:

    Great tool and activity! A little bit tricky for the 7-9 year olds, in my opinion. But for the 11-14 range, it's perfect. Great way to keep track of money and knowing what the last thing they spent their money on, as well as helping them budget. 

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