Stand Up Comedy

ObjectiveTo encourage and enhance your child's public speaking skills.
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Create a stand-up comedy routine from your favorite jokes and perform it for friends or family.


1. Watch a couple of stand up comedians on youtube. Think about how the comedians structure their show, how they transition between jokes, etc. Bill Cosby is a great comedian to watch if your are stuck on who to look for.  

2. Gather a few joke books or look up jokes on the internet. When you are choosing your jokes it is smart to consider your audience. For example, you would probably tell different jokes to your friends then you would to your Grandparents.

2. Choose 3-5 of your favorite jokes and create a stand up comedy routine.

3. Practice your routine. Think about the pace you would like to take - if you are nervous you will speak faster so work hard to keep the pace slower than feels comfortable. Remember to leave pauses after each joke to allow people time to laugh before you tell the next joke. Work on your annunciation and projection - your jokes will bomb if the audience can't hear or understand what you are saying.

4. Bring a few friends or family members together and perform your routine.

5. Think about your show. Did people laugh? If they did what did you do that made them laugh? If they didn't why didn't they laugh? Think of ways you could improve your show for next time.


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Mark this activity as complete when you have completed and performed at least one stand up comedy routine.

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  1. MarkMark says:

    Wonderful idea! Tried this with my 13-15 year old youth group and it was a huge hit. Helps bring out the confidence in kids who tend to step back and hold off more. Definitely have to watch the inappropriateness of the older kids though.

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