ObjectiveTo create a survey while gaining further experience with spreadsheets.
Description Survey Activity Excel

Have the child use Microsoft Excel to create a survey. Get your kids to pick a question/topic they want to survey people on, collect data, and then enter the data into Excel.

Possible Topics Include:

  • Favorite Animal
  • Favorite Soda
  • Favorite Sport
  • How many pets they own
  • How many siblings they have
  • Favorite Team (hockey, soccer, etc.)


In row 1 have your kids title the survey with the question they would like to ask. In row 2 columns A-D (one for each option) have the options to the question asked. In row 3 create a total column for each option.

You could also have them split each option by a category such as gender, or age. Once they have their survey set up in Excel get them to print it off and conduct the survey, recording their findings on the paper. Once they have conducted the survey get them to enter their findings into the excel spreadsheet.

To make it a little more interesting and to give kids a better idea of excel's capabilities - teach your children a couple of formulas and show them how to enter them into excel. One idea could be teach them how to enter a formula which will automatically add up their entries and display them in the total area. You could also show them how to transform their findings into a graph.

Here is a Survey in Excel lesson plan. This is intended for classroom use, but it could be easily modified for home use.


Explain how a survey uses a sample of the public to gain insight into the tastes, values and interests of potential customers. This can be very useful information for business owners and can help a company to be more profitable.

For example, if you own and operate a toy business and you know that your target demographic responds very positively to the color blue, you might consider using the color in your company's logo or in the packaging of your product. This would attract your customer to your product and increase your sales.


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