Task Management

ObjectiveTo teach children to take a birds eye view of what they need to accomplish in a given day, week or month.
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Keep track of your school work, extracurricular activities, parties, short/long term goals, household chores and work shifts. This will help you manage your time and be able to accomplish your goals.


1. List your tasks and what might be required as they complete them:

  • Next step: Are any further steps required?
  • Projects: More than one action required?
  • Waiting For: Something needs to be completed first. 
  • Someday/Maybe: Things to be done at some point, but not right now.


2. Separate your tasks into 6 levels/categories which will help you prioritize and contextualize. 

  1. Current Actions
  2. Current Projects
  3. Areas of Responsibility
  4. Yearly goals
  5. 5 year vision
  6. Life goals

Note: Children ages 8 years-13 years can focus mainly only on the first 3 levels, and then as they progress into the 14 year + age frame, the final 3 levels can be integrated into their task management/getting things done. 

3. Process your tasks and deal with them one at a time, further separating them.

If an item requires action:

  • Do it (if it takes less than 2 minutes), OR
  • Delegate it, OR
  • Defer it 

If no action is required:

  • File it for reference, OR
  • Throw it away, OR
  • Store it for possible action later.


Complete When

Mark this activity as complete when you have organized, prioritized and addressed your activities for one week.

Track your progress and earn badges!

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